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If you do not see your course/textbook information then the Bookstore has not received an official textbook order from the respective department.The Bookstore will post updates of orders from WVSU when feasibly possible. Course/textbook information is subject to change without notice upon the application of these updates.These changes are outside the Bookstore's realm of control and therefore the Bookstore can not be held accountable for any problems that may occur based on these unforeseen changes.The Bookstore staff does not choose textbooks but instead are required to order any educational materials that are deemed appropriate by WVSU Professors for use in the courses taught. The Bookstore WILL NOT honor refunds for textbooks ordered from alternative sources based on information provided on this site. The Bookstore will honor refunds for textbooks purchased from the campus store only in accordance to the Refund Policy.Orders placed on this site require 1 business day (24 hrs) to process, but delays can occur during rush. We will fill orders as soon as possible. Due to call volumes, textbook information is not given out over the phone.
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Welcome to the WVSU Course and Title Lookup Web page. This page provides a way for students and other interested parties to see the current Title Adoption information available from WVSU. This information is 'live', meaning the data presented is the data directly from the WVSU database - not a copy. To use this page, first select the Term Year you wish to browse from the drop-down list box below. A department listing will then be presented with a list of all departments. Click on the link to the desired department. A course list will then be presented. Click on the desired course and a section/title list wil be presented with all sections for the course and the titles for each section. Please note - due to the way the information is processed on the server, it is not recommended that you bookmark pages other than the first one. The results of asking for a bookmarked page that has the lookup paramenters in the URL can cause unreliable results. If in doubt, just click the 'Back to Home Page' link to start over!

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